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Who We Are

A beacon of excellence in the marine equipment industry for over four decades. Established on the principles of unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, our journey began with a dream to fill needs, provide solutions, and carve a niche in the marketplace. Over the years, we have become the leader in the Iowa Great Lakes and the Midwest, leaving an indelible mark on the marine equipment landscape.
Our products are crafted with the utmost precision, using the highest grade materials and components to ensure unparalleled quality. Serving Northwest Iowa and the Iowa Great Lakes region for more than 40 years and extending our reach nationwide for nearly 30 years, Duralift Marine boasts a diverse product line, featuring boat hoists, docks, hoist & dock accessories, hydraulic boat trailers, boat dollies, pontoon forks, dock & hoist barges, and much more.
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From our humble beginnings, our product line has expanded from 1000 lb to 30,000 lb capacity boat hoists, showcasing over 35 models. At the heart of our success lies our dedication to maintaining superior quality and fostering unmatched customer satisfaction. Our team, comprised of highly professional and adept staff, ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all your marine equipment needs, ultimately providing you with more moments of joy on the water.

Duralift's commitment to unmatched customer service and the relentless pursuit of the highest standard of quality has made us the go-to choice for marine enthusiasts. Whether crafting and installing docks or utilizing a fine blend of expertise and technology across our varied product line, we have cemented our reputation without compromise. Our long-standing relationships with clients bear testimony to our commitment, and we eagerly anticipate building enduring bonds with all our future patrons.

Mission and Vision

Guiding Principles that Define Our Purpose and Commitment
We are committed to excellence, uniting quality with integrity. Our dedicated team strives to deliver exceptional products and service, fostering lasting relationships with engaged customers.

Together, we aim to achieve sustainable financial success for our company and our people while upholding respect and honesty in all our endeavors. We believe in supporting each other, celebrating achievements, and navigating challenges with patience and grace.
Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional products and service with unwavering reliability.

By fostering collaborative partnerships, we nurture lasting connections with our customers, rooted in quality and enriched by our collective success and integrity.

Meet our Team Members

Chad Clary
Dan Croft
Chris Weyhrich
SR Accountant and Service Manager
Jake Jostand
VP of Sales/Marketing
Jamie Jostand
Product Specialist & Sales Associate
Phil Swenson
Product Specialist & Sales Associate
Royce Humphreys
Products Specialist & Sales Associate
Travis Jostand
Production Manager
Jeff Schwarck
Product Development Manager

World's Greatest Award: Celebrating Excellence and Achievement

"At World's Greatest, we spotlight companies that truly embody excellence, and Duralift Marine is no exception. What sets them head and shoulders above the rest is their unwavering dedication to their customers and community in Milford, Iowa. With a family-oriented team that thrives on problem-solving, they are the heartbeat that revitalizes the Iowa Great Lakes every summer, stimulating local businesses and creating an atmosphere of pure excitement. With over four decades of unmatched expertise and an undying commitment to their customers, it's crystal clear why we deem Duralift Marine one of the world's greatest."
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Discover a collection of premium marine products for both businesses and lake home owners.